What is a Trade Mission and Why Should I Participate?
What is a Trade Mission and Why Should I Participate?

If you are a small to medium sized business interested in establishing or expanding international business, internationally, participation in a trade mission may be a great way to make key business contacts in foreign markets.

As Ohioans, we are fortunate to have the Council of Great Lakes Governors (CGLG). This council, based in Illinois, leads multi-state, regional trade missions to assist companies in the exportation of their products and services.

Each US business that participates in a mission receives one-one business appointment scheduling. These appointments may include potential distribution partners, manufacturing partners or retail establishments.

Much of the work of preparing for an efficient and fruitful business trip is taken off the participants shoulders. Our Council of Great Lakes Governors will book your hotel, provide you with suggested in-country flight schedules, and provide itineraries and much, much more. Essentially, you show up!

And, the bonus is there may be International Market Access Grant monies to help you defer, the already nominal, cost of participation.

I will be participating as the Ohio State Representative in the CGLG Mexico Trade Mission the week of March 1st. Ohio and other regional companies will be participating. We will be traveling to Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara along.

For more information about your Columbus International Trade Assistance Center and the services we provide, please contact Roberta Winch at 614.287.3850 or rwinch@cscc.edu.