Online Business Start-Up Model

Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Training Series to Take You from Idea to Business Owner

Online Business
Start-Up Model
is a no cost 
entrepreneurship training series.

Do you have a business idea? Do you want to learn how to turn it into a reality? If so, then our business start-up model will provide you with the foundation you need to get started.

The Online Business Start-Up Model is a no-cost, entrepreneurship training series designed by the SBDC to guide you through the development of your business. This series assists you in evaluating your idea, conducting research, and in determining your marketing considerations and financials. This entreprenurship training series is self-paced and is completed on your own time schedule. When you complete the 8 modules you will have the baseline knowledge and skills you need to work with your advisor and launch your business.

Take the first step today towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams!

The Online Business Start-Up Model

This Online Business Startup Model is a great, self-paced tool to take you from IDEA to BUSINESS OWNER.
Click the red “play” icon next to each module to view the modules. Download and completed each assignment as instructed. 

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