Become a Client

As a client of the Ohio SBDC you and your business are our number one priority. We exist solely to help you to start, sustain and grow your small business.

Our success is measured by yours. There is no hidden agenda. We are measured by our ability to help you start your business, create and retain jobs, increase sales and obtain financing. Every question we ask and every suggestion we make is to that end.


For existing businesses seeking assistance developing strategies and processes for profitable-long term growth. We prepare loan packages for debt financing and assist in locating alternate forms of financing, evaluate your existing business to look for next stage growth opportunities and the need for new business plan development.


For existing business owners ready to transition. We assist with developing exit strategies, business valuation, selling company, succession plan, and business acquisition.

Meet with an Advisor

The most important thing to know is that you’re Advisor is your business confidant. We are here, by your side, to tackle every business need or concern you have no matter how big or how small. We review your financial projections with a fine tooth comb, or magnifying glass whichever sounds more detailed to you. We hand pick the best lender for your business type. We submit your loan package with you and in many cases for you. We go to bat for you too. Need an example? See our Success Stories.

Now you know how valuable we are to have around, request your advising appointment below. When your appointment is scheduled you’ll be placed with an Advisor by business type or business need. You may also requested to be placed with a specific Advisor (see SBDC Team), however due to schedule wait may be longer. Meetings with Advisors are by appointment only.

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