Surviving the Summer Sales Slump
Surviving the Summer Sales Slump

Caught in the dog days of a summer time sales taking a dip? Wondering how you can cool off the stagnant revenue slide? With many clients focusing on back to school expenses and the like you may be feeling a bit scorched. Well here’s a few ways to glide into fall on a high note.

  • Use you line of credit to cover a summer sales promotion. Don’t have a line of credit? Contact us to see how we can help you prepare for next summer and the upcoming holiday season.
  • Use the slow time in the afternoon to call clients or send surveys to returning clients and one-time visitors to gather valuable feedback about their experience.
  • Beef up your social media presence by creating blogs or a newsletter. Not good at blogging? Find an existing influencer by going to a blog website. Becoming a trusted advisor and thought leader will improve your brand image. Remember people do business with people they know like and trust.
  • Aesthetics go a long way. Use this time to complete needed repairs and maintenance or beautify your business. Studies show that a bright inviting environment contributes to increased sales. Colors such as red, blue and orange signify power, trustworthiness (see above) and fun.
  • Join an online marketplace. In a retail world dominated by the likes of Amazon and Overstock it only makes sense to ride the existing wave of the direct to your door sales experience.

Remember that all of these won’t work for every business or every business owner. Find the tactics that are right for you and your industry and go for it. You might find that it really works and you’ll incorporate them into your ongoing strategy. Now go enjoy your summer. You’ll be complaining about the cold before you know it!