Start Up Process

As a client of the Ohio SBDC you and your business are our number one priority. We exist solely to help you to start, sustain and grow your small business.

Our success is measured by yours. There is no hidden agenda. We are measured by our ability to help you start your business, create and retain jobs, increase sales and obtain financing. Every question we ask and every suggestion we make is to that end.


For entrepreneurs we take your business from idea stage to an actual legal entity selling products and services and gartering your first customer. We guide and assist with determining the viability of your idea, developing your business concept and business plan.

Ready to get started? Let’s begin the Start-Up Process…

Start-Up Process

A lot of critical decisions must be made when starting a business. The success of your business and your ability to obtain financing now and in the future will depend on the foundation you establish now. To ensure it’s a stable one we’ve created a two-step process. For the first step we created BizStartNow. A three part series where we gathered three of our Certified Business Advisors, a Certified Consumer Credit Counseling Specialist, Business Attorney, Financial Lender and a Tax Accountant to advise you through setting your business structure. In the second step we will grow beyond the business structure and start moving you toward opening your doors and garnering your first customer!

Step 1: BizStartNow

This interactive 3 session program will help you to understand, identify and begin planning for the critical areas of your business. The following topics are discussed:

  • Day 1 – Small Business ownership, market research, marketing & sales
  • Day 2 – Business Legal Structure, operations and Financing
  • Day 3 – Small Business Tax Workshop

Through a blend of instruction, coaching and group activities you will begin to develop the structure for the business you’ve dreamed of starting or one you would like to grow.

Step 2: Meet with an Advisor

After you complete BizStartNow you’ll complete a self-assessment for your business and make an appointment to meet with an Advisor. You’ll be placed with an Advisor by business type or business need. You may also requested to be placed with a specific Advisor (see SBDC Team), however due to schedule wait may be longer. Meetings with Advisors are by appointment only.

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To download the Start-Up Process, click here.