Take ACTION to Increase Your Business Sales

Successful businesses are those that focus on sales actions and strategy execution. To support the growth needs of central Ohio businesses the Ohio Small Business Development Center at Columbus State Community College (SBDC) has partnered with Brian Pitzer, CEO of Evolve Growth, to coach small business professionals through the process of creating and executing a sales action plan for their businesses. The sales action plan will include market research, developing a customer profile, identifying your unique value proposition, defining your sales metrics, establishing your customer base, developing your sales process and evaluations of outcomes all to develop assertive revenue growth in your business.

The SBDC is funding selected small businesses to work with Brain to increase their sales. This is offered at no charge to the business.

Are you ready to increase your business sales by taking action today?

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You will be contacted within 48 business hours to set up an initial appointment.


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Brian Pitzer HeadshotBrian Pitzer is the CEO (Chief Evolution Officer) of Evolve Growth llc.  which places attention on sales growth through ‘doing’, with focus on sales health and growth through action.  Pitzer was the former founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of avitae caffeinated water and oversaw its growth into over 15,000 retail locations.  After leaving avitae, Pitzer joined RoboVent Inc. in January of 2013 as the Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, where he oversaw triple digit growth to over $100 million per year.  Prior to founding avitae, Pitzer served as VP of Marketing & Business Development for tmg, as well as VP of Sales & Marketing for Kingston and the Executive Vice President of DirectSource, a subsidiary corporation to Kingston.  Pitzer has a bachelor degree in Financial Resource Management from The Ohio State University.

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  • Start-Ups

    As a new business owner your plate is overflowing. From business registration, business plan writing, product / service development, and marketing to selling your products and services and acquiring your first customer. Don’t go it alone. Work with us and take advantage of our decades of technical business assistance experience, our financial partnerships and our connections to business resources.

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  • Growth

    You’ve been running your business for a while, you’re in the black and financially and structurally stable. Now you are ready to increase your sales and develop strategies and processes for profitable-long term growth. We will work to help you maximize sales within your current market, develop new products and evaluate new markets – domestically and internationally.

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  • Maturity

    Thinking about retirement? As a business owner there’s a bit more to it than going to Human Resources, declaring your retirement date and waiting for the party to be thrown in your honor. You have to declare a successor or sell your business. We assist with developing exit strategies, business valuation, selling your company, succession planning, and business acquisition.

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