Progress, Not Panic 2020: New Video Series from SBDC
Progress, Not Panic 2020: New Video Series from SBDC

The Ohio SBDC at Columbus State Community College would like to announce a new video series called Progress – Not Panic 2020. This video series is aimed at small businesses and start-ups that may need guidance, solutions, encouragement as well as the latest information to help navigate during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

During these twice a week videos, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am, we will be discussing a variety of relevant topics structured and focused on tips and solutions for small businesses. These videos will also include virtual interviews with our SBDC team and partners, covering important and diverse topics, aimed to help small businesses navigate during this challenging time. You can find the videos at

So what are we going to talk about in these webinars? Here is a sample of some upcoming videos:


While you can’t control a lot during this challenging time period, there are things that you can control. How can you use this restrictive time to make progress in your business? By taking action on whatever it is. It might be: Ramping up your social media presence, planning, or making website updates. Maybe you’ve been putting off that branding reboot or researching a new market that your business could enter. Whatever it is, take action. When this time passes, you can reflect back on the positive things you accomplished that you otherwise may not have ever done. Think beyond just the here and now.


How do I manage cash-flow now when much of my customer base is on hold? We will be discussing tactics such as how to deal with creditors, examine both fixed and variable costs, and look closer at inventory. We will also look at strategic strategies like shifting your employees work and their roles. This video will also go over financial forecasting and budgeting as well.


In this video we will explore various aspects of market research to help you answer questions such as: What are the best practices and tools to effectively perform market research? What tools are available at no cost? How do I understanding who my ideal customer is and could be? What are the various research tools to look deeper into a customer segment I may consider targeting? How do I research an industry to see if it’s worth pursuing? and How to research competition? This will be a discussion of library research tools, other research options, methods and tactics.


Quarantine and social distancing has completely changed the way we do business at least for the near future. How can you continue to serve your clients by altering the ways you work with them? What are the video conferencing tools available at no cost and how do they work? How can you also help your clients navigate this time by helping them look at new ways to work and serve their customers? Could a delivery or mobile option work for your business, and how might that look? What are different products and services you could ‘package’ to meet current market pain points? Let’s look at your products and services and begin to examine what adjustments you could make to match current market needs.



What financial assistance is available right now and how to apply. Including the SBA Disaster Loans, the new Payroll Protection Plan Funding, State of Ohio assistance, as well as local partner funding.


If your business works with international partners and customers, what can you do now, when some or a lot of the businesses revenue hinges on the overseas market? We’ll discuss


Leading to rise to the challenge and navigating the waters to minimize panic and reach for progress.


Unique times call for unique messaging. Social media, writing, storytelling are more important than ever now. How can your online messaging replace the in person experience? Learn how pivoting offerings with potential re-branding could be your solution.