Capital Crash Course
Now planning for 2022. Save the Date – Friday, December 9, 2022! Conducted in 2022 to prepare you for 2023

You NEED financing to grow your business.

We KNOW how to help you get it.

Do you know which type would best position you to succeed?

Are you a candidate for a grant? Do you qualify for a loan? How much do you need? Do banks prefer certain business types? Should you consider crowd-funding? There are many financing methods available to fund your business. The key is to find the right fit for your business type, stage and need. 

Our line up of speakers and topics will be released a couple months prior to the event. If you’ve attended before you know the valuable information, new funding programs announced,  networking opportunities, and the top lenders and financial panelists that we convene each year. 

If you’ve never attended you will be astonished at all the business financing resources available and the amazing opportunity we provide by bringing them all to you in one location. See last years agenda below:

2020’s Capital Crash Course included:

Navigating an Uncertain Future – Learn how to help your business thrive, even when you don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

Get Your Business Ready for Success in 2021 – Our team of professional business advisors share tips and insights that can help your business prepare for a successful new year.

Financial Resources for Your Busines– Explore options for funding your business, including microloans and traditional options.

The Entrepreneur Experience: Pivoting for Progress & Recovery – Hear from rising new Columbus small businesses as they share their financial business journey and how they are achieving success using multiple funding methods, while navigating the pandemic.

How to Get the Bank to Say “Yes” Bank Panel Esteemed lenders known for getting deals done for Central Ohio small business owners

This event only happens once a year. Don’t miss it!

Save the Date! – Friday, December 9th 2022