SBDC Community

The SBDC Columbus Community began in 2008 in response to a client expressing the desire to not have to “reinvent the wheel” as her start-up business grew. She knew virtually every other entrepreneur and small business owner had been where she was that day and she wished for an easy way to communicate and share business information experiences with them. Thanks to Sarah’s inspiration, the SBDC Columbus Community was created.

Today, our community has over 2400 members. Our members include entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as business development professionals all here with the goal to learn and help one another. The SBDC Columbus Community gives you the platform learn from others successes and struggles, to ask questions of your peers and service providers such as attorneys, CPAs and Human Resources professional that are members of this network. You will get advance notice of special events, access to live chat with other members and SBDC Advisors. Most importantly you’ll be able to make valuable relationships, collaborations and partnerships to help you grow your business.

The only limit to the value you get from this community is you…use it to its fullest!

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